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Industrial Robot

Many sound effects of the dynamic performances of an industrial robot.

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Robotics sound design toolkit

This sound collection contains many recordings and performances of an ABB industrial robot. Robot sounds like these are perfect for designing pneumatic doors, sci-fi weapons or robots, futuristic engines and vehicles, hydraulics, spaceships and more.

Recordings of a real robot

Industrial robots perform many different tasks and create, thanks to their flexible movement abilities, a lot of interesting sounds. In order to capture all these sound possibilities, the company we worked with prepared and programmed the robot especially for our recording sessions.

The recording process

The robot’s six axes and a sound-proof room provided us with a perfect recording base. We recorded each of the six axes at three speeds from different perspectives in mono and stereo, giving you a fundamental collection that you can use to design all sorts of robot and servo sounds. You also get more specific sounds resulting from different work performances, leading to pitch-modulated movements such as fast and slow acceleration. In addition to the robot recordings, you will receive various snapping sounds, clicks and tool handlings to round off the sound package.


Product info and Specifications

Size3.27 GB
Metadata Info
Product TypeDownload
Format96kHz • 24bit • Stereo-Wav

Rich metadata

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Compatible with all audio and video editing softwares

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