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Urban Ambiences city sounds library Just Sound Effects
Recordings from places such as streets, subways, parks, city centers, train stations, restaurants and many more.

$ 59.00

Cinematic Drones sound library | sound effects | sale
Atmospheric drones, evolving textures, layered ambiences and deep tones, perfect for science fiction, horror, fantasy, thriller and more.

$ 29.00

Doors sound library | sound effects
Many door sound effects such as open, close, creaks, knob handling, lock mechanisms, door bells and door knocks.

$ 59.00

Latest Releases

Customer Testimonials

You guys did some really good work! My favourite library is the DOORS pack, it’s incredible how much variety these sounds have!

Julian S.

Game Sound Designer

Amazing how detailed your sounds are! I have been using your sound packs for a while and I don’t want to miss them anymore. Keep up the good work!

Lukas R.

Sound Designer

Simply awesome! I have discovered you recently and working with your sounds is such a pleasure, especially the metadata and accuracy made it!

Simon H.

Sound Designer

About just sound effects

Just Sound Effects is a sound effect manufacture and was founded by two sound artists from Germany, with the intention to create exclusive sound effects.

Discover state of the art sound effects based on years of experience in sound design for professional media.