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Having an accurate overview of your sound database is essential. We categorize and tag our sounds with metadata according to the UCS industry standard.

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HARRY BARNES (Sound Effects Editor)

Kingdom of Heaven, Hellboy II: The Golden Army, Children of Men
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"Ocean Waves has a varied and incredibly detailed set of sound recordings that I have used in my last two projects, and have utilised in my current one. I now know I have the detail I require when I am track laying any type of sea or beach scenes. The tracks range from the roar of ocean waves to the gentle lapping of water with more in between - the variation is great. All are clean of any background noise and fit perfectly into making a scene as real as possible."

Jon Lipman (Sound Designer)

Gamer, Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance, The Lincoln Lawyer
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"Robert & Jonas are absolutely top shelf recordists and designers…everything is pristinely recorded but what’s especially impressive is how USEFUL these libraries are. There are always a huge range of both variations and perspectives so I can concentrate on creating rather than spending my time trying to piece things together to sound good. Keep it coming, guys!"

Michael Grech (Editor)

Love Kills, Restraint, Once Upon a Time in Brooklyn
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"Just Sound Effects is a new personal favorite sound design source of mine, with pristine high quality sounds that have made an excellent new addition to my library. As an editor who has to do his own sound design, I am always on the lookout for new and useful sounds to enhance my library. Crickets and Cicadas was exactly what I needed for a project I was working on - The sounds are very high quality, and will be a go to for me in the future. It inspired me to check out other libraries by Just Sound Effects!"

Artur Baryshev (Game Sound Designer)

Watcher of Realms, Age of Darkness: Final Stand, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang
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"These libraries fit really well in my palette of sounds. Being very detailed and realistic, they give a natural feel to all the magical, mechanical or other stuff I am doing during motion sound design for Mobile Legends games. There is a wide variety of interactions with surfaces, whether stone or metal; detailed work with material in one specific direction - for example, a library for cicadas or clocks. Totally recommend!"

Julian C.R. de Freitas (Game Audio Director, Audio Producer)

Winter Games 2023, Eldrador Creatures
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"While in the middle of a bigger production for an upcoming simulation game I specifically found Metal Movements to be an immensely valuable tool for creating the impact I need. With this library I can build mighty impacts as well as subtle player feedbacks and transition-stingers with ease. Metal Movements is also perfect for sub-layering in my environmental atmo-sfx as well as heavy machinery. That being said, I am really looking forward to what JSE will come up with in the future."

Nathan Stibbe (Sound Editor, Sound Designer)

The Elder Scrolls Online, Cyberpunk, WatchDogs
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"The Glitch library from Just Sound Effects is really nice and complete. The sounds are well cut and designed with organic feeling and it’s going as much for old type materials as for futuristic sounding glitches. I highly recommend this one and the metadata are really complete and well integrated! Also Volt is a beast! It’s high quality electronic & electric sounds recorded with high quality gears. You have a lot of those, each is really different and for this price it’s pretty nice!"

Chris C. (Animation Producer)

"The JSE Futuristic Interface sound effects package was just what I needed. It's hard to find original-sounding futuristic effects that match the motion graphics we've created, but the JSE package sounds were all interesting, original and refreshing, and contained such a great variety that finding the perfect match was easy. All the filenames make searches easy and intuitive, so I can focus on sound design instead of file management. Great product!"

Elia Hueneburg (Motion Designer)

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"The sounds from JSE are a joy to work with because I can finely shape the acoustic environment in my projects. Especially the Ocean Waves library really made it for me! I could easily manage on what kind of beach I am, set the size of the waves and how rocky the coast is."

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