Want free Sounds and a 30% Discount?

Want free Sounds and a 30% Discount?

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Our newest library has been released: Industrial Robot. A detailed collection of robot sounds that gives you the perfect basis to design any kind of machine or vehicle.
The new sound library Urban Ambiences provides you with atmospheres and sound elements from German cities, recorded in places like streets, subways, parks, downtowns, train stations and restaurants.
We released our Cinematic Drones sound library. A wide collection of atmospheric drones, evolving textures, layered ambiences and deep tones, designed for science fiction, horror, fantasy, thrillers, trailers and more.
We proudly present our Doors sound library. A huge collection of door sounds with performances such as open and close, creaks, knob handling, lock mechanisms, door bells and knocks.
Our freshest release: Streams and Rivers. Vivid recordings of gently gurgling springs and small streams in deep forests, calm rivers between rocks or fields and thundering waterfalls splashing down mountains.
The new library Ocean Waves gives you unqiue ocean sound effects, from gentle waves onto sandy beaches to big splashes onto solid cliffs, storm-driven surf and small lappings against various rocks and stones.
We are happy to release our first sound library: Crickets and Cicadas. Get beautiful insect sounds, ranging from musical songs by single crickets to cricket ambiences and the buzzy and raspy sound of cicadas during daylight.

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