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Our hand-picked sound libraries. From ambient nature recordings to creative sound design. Royalty-Free for commercial use.

stones and debris sound effects library
Various sounds of pebbles, stones, rocks, bricks, dirt, debris and pre-designed destruction.


$ 74.00

clocks and mechanics sound effects library
A large collection of clock sounds, ticking pendulums, chimes, small mechanisms and gearwheels.

$ 99.00

Glitches sound effects library
An extensive collection of error and glitch sound effects perfect for malfunctions and failed transmissions.

$ 49.00

Metal Movements sound effects library
A wide collection of metallic squeaks and scrapes, many impacts and various movement sound effects.

$ 49.00$ 69.00

Horror Jumpscares sound effects library
A spine-chilling collection of terrifying horror stinger and riser sound effects.

$ 49.00

Industrial Robot sound library - Just Sound Effects
A large sound collection of many recordings and performances of an industrial robot.

$ 79.00

Urban Ambiences city sounds library Just Sound Effects
Recordings from places such as streets, subways, parks, city centers, train stations, restaurants and many more.

$ 79.00

Cinematic Drones sound library | sound effects | sale
Atmospheric drones, evolving textures, layered ambiences and deep tones, perfect for science fiction, horror, fantasy, thriller and more.

$ 49.00

Doors sound library | sound effects
Many door sound effects such as open, close, creaks, knob handling, lock mechanisms, door bells and door knocks.

$ 59.00

Transition Whoosh sound library | sound effects | swoosh swish woosh
A large variety of transition whoosh sound effects designed for advertising, games, movies and more.

$ 29.00

Streams and Rivers sound library | sound effects | water
Sounds of flowing water such as streams, rivers, waterfalls, trickles, rapids and drains.

$ 89.00

Ocean Waves - Just Sound Effects - Water Sound Library
Gentle waves onto sandy beaches, big splashes onto solid cliffs, storm-driven surf and small lappings against various rocks.

$ 89.00

Crickets and cicadas sound library | sound effects
Musical songs by single crickets, cricket ambiences and the buzzy and raspy sound of cicadas during daylight.

$ 39.00

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