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clocks and mechanics sound effects library

Clocks and Mechanics

A large collection of clock sounds, ticking pendulums, chimes, mechanisms and gearwheels.

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Toolbox for mechanical sound design

Clocks and Mechanics is the ultimate tool to design mechanical processes and tell stories with the ticking, chiming and ringing of clocks. Whether you have to create tiny mechanical movements, rattling gadgets or even large gear mechanisms like steampunk machines, this library will cover it all.

Clean and detailed recordings

You will get recordings of grandfather clocks, wall clocks, desk clocks, alarm clocks, pocket watches and many small mechanisms, all carefully edited and natural sounding. Included are various chimes, bells, loopable ticking at different speeds, detailed clockwork and gear mechanisms as well as rattling, snapping, clicking and handling of spare parts. All sounds were captured in mono and stereo using the LCR recording technique.

One of the largest clock sound libraries

We spent a lot of time planning this library and did recording sessions in the workshops of various clockmakers. The result is a range of 440 soundfiles with more than 2300 individual sounds, making this collection one of the biggest clock libraries available on the market.

Product info and Specifications

Size7.25 GB
Metadata Info
Product TypeDownload
Format96kHz • 24bit • Stereo-Wav

Rich metadata

Well-organized sound libraries improve your workflow and save a lot of time. That’s why our sound effects are categorized according to the Universal Category System and embedded with rich descriptive metadata.

The UCS aims at a consistent categorization of sound effects, a uniform file name structure and easier maintenance of a sound effects library.

Learn more about the Universal Category System >>

Compatible with all audio and video editing softwares

Just drop our sound effects in your favorite software and start creating awesome sound design


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