Get 1+ GB FREE sound effects

NEW! All SOUND LIBRARIES are also available as BASIC versions. Learn more about BASIC versions HERE.
18 NEW LIBRARIES AVAILABLE! We are happy to welcome SOUND OF ESSEN as an independent creator in our store. DISCOVER NEW SOUNDS.

Get 1+ GB FREE sound effects

Great Sounds in Small Packages – Basic Versions of Sound Libraries now available

Every sound designer, from beginner to pro, knows the importance of having a good sound library at their fingertips. But In the world of sound design accessing top-tier sound libraries can be a significant investment. This is why we decided to implement BASIC VERSIONS of our sound libraries in addition to the FULL and FREE VERSIONS.

Why do we offer BASIC VERSIONS?

We want to give every sound designer, from beginner to pro the opportunity to access high quality sound libraries without spending huge amounts of money. Sometimes you don’t need tons of files from the same kind of sound effect, because you are working on a small project or you just got started with sound design. But before sacrificing quality for money you can now buy BASIC VERSIONS at our store. Within our BASIC VERSIONS you get the same quality, the same commercial rights with just a smaller number of files for a smaller price. It’s like a stripped version of the FULL VERSION without sacrificing quality. 

But what if you are not sure if the FULL VERSION would be better? 

Well, you can always upgrade to the FULL VERSION without having to pay both individually. You get a discount worth the price of the BASIC VERSION and can immediately upgrade without further effort. Doesn’t that sound great? So, no matter what kind of sound designer you are or how big the budget of your project is, you will always find the best fitting version for you and can always upgrade to the FULL VERSION without paying the full price twice.

Basic Version Sound Libraries

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Jonas Porombka

Jonas Porombka

Jonas, co-founder of Just Sound Effects, is a graduated sound designer and captures field recordings all over the world, always looking for unique soundscapes and new places to explore.

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