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18 NEW LIBRARIES AVAILABLE! We are happy to welcome SOUND OF ESSEN as an independent creator in our store. DISCOVER NEW SOUNDS.

Get 1+ GB FREE sound effects

Out now: Ocean Waves

The new library Ocean Waves gives you unqiue ocean sound effects, from gentle waves onto sandy beaches to big splashes onto solid cliffs, storm-driven surf and small lappings against various rocks and stones.


Enhance your projects by using these recordings, whether for a storm on the open sea, the rippling of water in a harbor or the meditative and rhythmic background of a beach atmosphere. The library contains 87 sound effects that will let you create the acoustic mood of any ocean-related scene.

Ocean Waves Sound Effects Library

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Jonas Porombka

Jonas Porombka

Jonas, co-founder of Just Sound Effects, is a graduated sound designer and captures field recordings all over the world, always looking for unique soundscapes and new places to explore.

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