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Ocean Waves - Just Sound Effects - Water Sound Library

Ocean Waves

Many different sounds of the sea recorded on beaches, cliffs and coasts.

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Dynamic Waves

A unique collection of ocean sound effects, from gentle waves onto sandy beaches to big splashes onto solid cliffs, storm-driven surf and small lappings against various rocks and stones. Enhance your projects by using these recordings, whether for a storm on the open sea, the rippling of water in a harbor or the meditative and rhythmic background of a beach atmosphere.

Vivid sounds of the ocean

The sound of the ocean is full of sonic details. Smallest changes in the nature of coastlines, the water depth and the climatic and geological conditions are decisive for the diverse and dynamic soundscapes. The great roar of the surf or the gentle lapping of waves onto a sandy beach; the sea contains an almost infinite acoustic richness.

Recorded all over the world

The waves of this library were recorded on coasts and beaches of the Atlantic Ocean, the Mediterranean Sea, the North Sea and the South China Sea. The various recording locations and the large amount of time we have invested in this project give you an outstanding and dynamic repertoire of wave sounds.

Compatible with all audio and video editing softwares

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Rich metadata

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226 minutes


3.91 GB

Metadata Info

Product Type



48kHz / 24bit


beach, bubbling, cliff, coast, flood, foaming, frothing, gentle, gurgling, harbor, lapping, liquid, nature, ocean, Ocean Waves Library, port, riff, sea, seaside, shore, splashing, storm, strand, water, waves, wet, wild, wind

Recording Locations


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