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Get 1+ GB FREE sound effects

18 NEW LIBRARIES AVAILABLE! We are happy to welcome SOUND OF ESSEN as an independent creator in our store. DISCOVER NEW SOUNDS.

Get 1+ GB FREE sound effects

Out now: Crickets and Cicadas

We are happy to release our first sound library: Crickets and Cicadas. Get beautiful insect sounds, ranging from musical songs by single crickets to cricket ambiences and the buzzy and raspy sound of cicadas during daylight.


Create exotic soundscapes, dry deserts or the acoustic background of a mild summer evening. Crickets and Cicadas provides you with 74 sound effects that have an extremely low noise floor and can easily be used as a construction kit for layering unique sound atmospheres and to design your own sonic environments.

Crickets and cicadas sound library | sound effects

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Jonas Porombka

Jonas Porombka

Jonas, co-founder of Just Sound Effects, is a graduated sound designer and captures field recordings all over the world, always looking for unique soundscapes and new places to explore.

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